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-Grand opening-

great style

Want to make a difference without sacrificing your style?
Written Wave have selected their suppliers for not just their eco friendly and sustainable product but because they look good too. 


notely love
Australian notebooks

Support Australian made products with Notely Simple, beautiful, sustainable

They are made from 100% recycled product. They are printed with FSC approved methods and no chlorine is used in the making. This making as small of an impact as possible

Bring life to your office

Written Wave stationery was created to bring together a passion for the environmentsustainability and a great love for stationery.  It's just logical. The facts show we as a society, are consuming too much and creating too much plastic waste. Help us take the next right step in reducing our footprint. We try to avoid plastics where possible and have sought out some of the highest quality stationery on the market that wont hurt the earth...or your pocket. 

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